Cisco Systems IP Phone XML Services

IP Phone Services

To offer advanced functionality and new level of competitiveness on the ITSP market, we provide development of IP Phone XML Services for the Cisco System's platform as emerging technology. With improvements in Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies, many enterprises will soon be using the phone that sits on an employee's desk as an application platform. Each IP Phone includes a mini-browser that allows the phone to interact with specially designed web services. These services can be developed as a web application, which outputs content using the XML syntax. NG Systems uses the Cisco Call Manager's advanced functionality to deploy customized client services with which customers can interact via the keypad and display. When a user presses the services button (or chooses the services menu item), a menu of configured services displays. The user then chooses a service from the list, and the phone displays the service.

The following list gives typical services that might be supplied to a phone:

  • - Weather
  • - Stock information
  • - Contact information
  • - Company news
  • - To-do lists
  • - Daily schedule

During the years of its experience, we at NG Systems have developed quite a few products using this technology. One of the most attractive and evolved is the Corporate Directory Service (Corporate Directory Service). It is used by middle and large enterprises to help with identity management tasks and provide users with easily accessible employee contact information. While Corporate Directory Service's main advantages are related to its functionalities related to syncronizing and consolidating the employee information from multiple sources (e.g.from MS ActiveDirectory and DC Directory service over the LDAP protocol and others), it also exports as an XML service a convenient phonebook-like application, using which the employees can easily find and browse contact informaction of their colleagues. As end result, IP phone user sees the information and extension information from all of the remote offices in middle/enterprise organization.

Developing IP Phone services

Customers can request the development of custom IP Phone applications to fascilitate the advantages of the platform. We can develop totally new services based on customer ideas and best practices or writing single useful scripts. For each new Service request from the customer to NG Systems, we return a project plan for the execution of the service and formed final price for developing it. Each service is reviewed as an independent software product.